We are a language training organization, born in a small boutique town in North West Italy and now also operating in London, Dublin and Barcelona. 


Are you wondering why you should choose us? Here are a few reasons:
- we are proudly independent and we treat every student as an individual with own goals and requirements

- we have banned grammar exercises from our classes; we believe in real use of language and CLIL, so you can really learn
- we are a small, multi-cultural team, with international experience: we feel at home in small Italian towns such as Sarzana, La Spezia and Carrara, as well as in big international cities like London and Barcelona
- we are confident and a bit megalomaniac: we like facing new challenges and think "We can do it!"​
- we are motivated: we like what we do and we like to do it properly
- we are recommended by international bodies such as Italian Ministry of Education, Trinity College London, Translegal, Instituto Cervantes and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Italy but, most importantly, we are appreciated by our clients who, year after year, walk with us towards achieving their goals.

So, what do we do?

We are "language people": we teach, translate, interpret and advise on all language matters.
We can help your company assess language issues and design a language management strategy (LMS).

We can help your school certify your students’ language skills through on-site quality language courses.

We have the expertise to make you learn a language and speak it ... at long last!


At this stage you might be looking for the usual list of services. Well,  here you are:
- Corporate language training
- Private language courses with Skype technology
- Study holidays in Ireland, the UK and Spain
- English and Spanish as second language courses, for adults and children

- Exam preparation: IELTS, Cambridge, Trinity College London and DELE

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