We are an independent language training organization, born in a small boutique town in North West Italy, where we still run a variety of languages courses,  and now also operating in Barcelona (Castelldefels), London and Dublin. 

Over the years, we have developed our own teaching method which is based on a few, innovative, principles:

- small classes, so it is easier to make friends, teachers listen to you and you get plenty of speaking practise;

- XXI century skills: our lessons encourage critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity;

- real use of language: our lessons encourage debates, so you can refine your public speaking skills, talk about topics which interest and motivate you, improve vocabulary and learn respect for other points of views;

- the world is our classroom: we learn languages through other non-linguistic subjects such as art, storytelling, maths, class surveys, design and much more. This approach provides a context to  your language learning and adds a variety of soft skills such as problem solving, facing challenges, reading and interpreting data, communicating through illustrations and developing your creative side.

Added value

- cultural trips: we are the only language school of the territory to provide a context to our lessons with local cultural trips

- technology: we also make extensive use of technology to research facts and help younger students to become independent learners

- peer-to-peer learning:  we encourage younger students to teach each other, for greater understanding.