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ENGLISH as second language (adults)

16th September - 19th June -  2 hrs p.w.

Elementary (A1-A2): Mon & Wedn 19.15 -20.15

Intermediate (B1):   Mon & Wedn  19.15 -20.15

Upper inter   (B2):  Tue & Thurs       19.00-20.00

Tried to learn English and still unable to speak?

We are here to help!
We have native experienced teachers, with academic qualifications in teaching, groups of five people, emphasis on speaking,  in a friendly environment.

You can even certify your language skills at the end of the year. You'll love it!

SPANISH as second language (adults)

16th September - 19th June -  2 hrs p.w.

Elementary (A1-A2): Tue & Thurs   - 11.30-12.30 

Intermediate (B1 +): Mon & Wedn   - 11.30-12.30 

Upper intermediate (B2): Mon & Wedn  12.30-13.30     

If you think you can live in Spain and not speak the language, think again! Spanish is vital to integrate, make friends, resolve daily issues when you live in the country temporarily or permanently. So, get on with it!  Join our classes with qualified native teachers and reduced groups and benefit from our free extensive social programme, too.


16th September - 19th June -  2 hrs p.w.

Age 13-15:  Tue & Thurs       - 18.30 -19.30

Age   9-12:  Mon & Wedn     - 18.00 -19.00

Age   6-8  :  Tue & Thurs       - 17.30 -18.30

Age   3-5:    Tue or  Thurs     - 17.15 -18-15

We bet you're tired of spending hours on English books, doing boring grammar exercises and not learning anything new. Try us! Our courses are dynamic, based on the real use of language and touch topics like music, cinema, video games and more. Groups of 5 students. You will speak English before you know it!


all year -  15/30/45 hours

Intensive/year long/individual/small groups

In-company or at our premises 

If your employees speak good English, your turnover increases and your company has a better reputation abroad. It's a fact! So, to help you, we have designed extremely flexible courses to cater for all needs. We also do business skills in English (meetings, presentations, etiquette).  No more excuses!


Summer courses in Spain, UK and Ireland

Ages: 12+  -  Groups - Selected host family 

Improve your language skills, get to know a different culture, make new friends, learn to live on your own, visit new cities ... all this in a Summer study-holiday with us! Intensive languages courses with native teachers, day and half-day trips, full-board, possibility to take an official exam at the end of the stay. But there is more! if you are a teacher, get in touch to find out about benefits for you and your school when booking your group in.