Spanish Café

Dates: Tuesdays 10.30am

Type: online

A fun, multilevel conversation session, to enhance your conversation skills and learn more about Spanish culture and lifestyle. No books, no grammar, just speaking and, periodically, we meet in presence for a nice cup of coffee and a chat.


Communicative skills in Spanish (adult edition)

Dates: starts week 31st January 2022

Type: online a.m. sessions or presencial p.m. sessions

Times: beginners: Mon&Wed 10-11am (online)

                                 Tue & Thur 7.00-8.00pm (in class)

intermediate:         Mon&Wed 11-12am (online)

Free Spanish Café session on Tuesdays!                            

If you think you can live in Spain and not speak the language, think again! Spanish is vital to integrate, make friends, resolve daily issues when you live in the country temporarily or permanently. So, get on with it!  Join our classes with qualified native teachers. 


Communicative skills in Spanish (teens edition)

Dates: starts week 11th October

Time: Friday, 5.30-7pm

Ages: 12 - 16 years old

Type: in class or online 

A fun and interactive course, where you will improve your speaking skills and learn about science, videogames, coding, art, cooking and a lot more!

Forget about books and grammar exercises. You will come out of this course speaking Spanish!


Italian for beginners

Dates: starts 4th October 2021

Time: 7-8pm

Type: presential or online

Italian is the language of culture, music, food and fashion. Learn practical language which you will be able to use on your next trip to the land of beauty and passion. Qualified, native Italian teachers will guide you through this really immersive experience into Italian traditions and spirit. Together with the language you will discover a new world!


DELE exams preparation

Dates: all year

Type: presential or online

Times: check with school

Exam dates: May/July/November 2021

DELE official exams are the only qualifications which certify your level of Spanish and can be used at University, to apply for Spanish nationality or to make your  cv more attractive. Make the most of your summer and certify your Spanish in just three or four weeks. Get ready in advance for the new challenges that might come up in September.