The Owl Family - a lesson plan

Introducing vocabulary relating to "family"

Age: 6-8 yrs old

Level: A1

Trinity College London framework: GESE2

Source: Cookie & Friends B, OUP


- a story box with Owl Family puppets

- characters flashcards

- story cards

- Owl Family worksheet

Prepare a "story box" containing the puppets and characters flashcards. Create some mystery about the content of the box by asking questions and letting children guess.

Start pulling out characters puppets and elicit vocabulary like "mum", "dad", "brother", "sister", "baby", "owl", "kangaroo", "tree house", etc. Pull out characters flashcards and ask children "who is it?". Make sure they answer with a full sentence like "It's baby owl", not just "baby owl".

Using story cards, tell the story. Make sure you interact with children by asking questions every now and then, add some drama element like "oh no!", "wow", encourage children to use the expressions while you are telling the story.

Once the story is finished, pretend to drop story cards on the floor by accident, tell children they are all mixed up now and that they need to help you to re-order the events. Under Covid-19 protocols, children may not be allowed to touch your story cards but you can pick them up yourself, show them to children and ask "Is this n.1?". Make sure you make some mistake so that children can correct you.

Hand in worksheet (under Covid 19 you might not be able to do this, so make sure you post it on your shared drive in advance, so parents can print it at home) and ask children to cut out the characters. When everybody is ready, guide children through building the Owl Family tree.

Fast finishers can colour the owls. Add a bit of creativity by asking children to improve the presentation of the family tree.

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