What children can learn from Halloween

In the last few years, Halloween has become very popular with children, even in countries where this celebration is sometimes seen as "imported". Many parents and teachers wonder if it is the case to celebrate Halloween, particularly when this can seem too scary or where there are local celebrations to keep alive instead. In this article, we outline the benefits of celebrating Halloween and what children can learn from it.

Monsters and ghosts

Children as young as two have the ability to separate fantasy from reality. So go trick-or-treating can be an occasion to develop this skill even further.

Wearing a costume

Children can use their imagination to make their own costume and explore different identities by wearing it. By doing this, they exercise a number of cognitive skills which include creating a story around their character, exploring different emotions and keeping track of reality-fantasy distinction.

Social skills

At Halloween, children have the opportunity to attend workshops, go trick or treating and participate in many activities (pumpkin carving, visiting a pumpkin patch and many more) with other children. This boosts their social skills and helps them to become more confident.

Come on join us on 22nd October at 5.30pm at our school in Castelldefels (Ronda Otero Pedrayo 30) for a fun, free Halloween workshop, based on storytelling (children 5 to 9 years old).

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