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An agile approach to Trinity College London topic task

The topic task in GESE and ISE Trinity College London examinations can be considered as a project on its own, as it involves preparing a presentation which must reflect language and functions of the grade.

What students often find difficult is to identify key steps to follow, in order to get to the final result.

At Chatterbox we have designed an agile approach to completing the topic task, with the use of a Kanban board and following a few easy steps:

- the teacher introduces the topic tasks to students

- students identify tasks "to do", in order to produce a topic presentation suitable to their level

- tasks are brainstormed in class, teacher and students participate equally in the process

- as students progress with the various tasks, they move them from "to do" to "doing"

- while tasks are in progress, students receive a first feedback from the teacher and their peers

- students review each task and include feedback, before moving the task to "done"

- once all the tasks are done, students receive final feedback

- students perfect the presentation taking on board latest feedback and create their final version ready for the exam.

By dividing the topic task in smaller tasks, creating a structured presentation becomes much more feasible.

If you wish to find out more about our agile approach to teaching languages, please do get in touch:

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