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Lesson plan: Great Women who changed the World - Amelia Earhart

Lesson plan for lower secondary school.

Reference: Great Women who changed the World, Kate Pankhurst, edited by Bloomsbury.

Before reading:

- review clothes vocabulary and introduce new elements relating to aviator attire (fur-lined coat, cap, goggles and so on)

- review geographical location of countries involved in the story (Canada, the UK, France, Atlantic and Pacific Ocean

use a map to find places/show where they are

- ask students to do a quick search on who was Amelia Earhart. In a flipped classroom environment, this would be prep work done at home. Encourage students to tell the class what they found out using their own words.

Read the story:

- make it interactive: show the different places on the map

- stress critical moments of Amelia's adventure

Check understanding

Ask meaningful questions such as:

- where did she fly from?

- where did she arrive?

- why is she famous?

- what happened to her?

Apply to a different context

Imagine Amelia was safe and living in the present day. Describe a day in her life (ref. "daily routines", level A2 CEFR, GESE 3 Trinity College London)

Encourage students to use a doodle rather than writing a text and then present to the class.


- think about Amelia's behaviour: what kind of woman was she?

- what could she have done differently?


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