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Lesson plan: The Colour Monster goes to School

Based on the story by Anna Llenas

This is a good lesson plan for primary school students. Our book is in Spanish but we tell the story in English given that, most of the time, our students cannot read so they can't see the difference. Also, we tend to tell the stories, rather than reading them, so the book is just there to provide a graphic representation of characters and events.


If pupils are familiar with "The Colour Monster", look at the pictures on the first two pages of the book and discuss how does the monster feel. Explore the differences between feelings when he is wearing a school bag or when he is not wearing it.

If your students are not familiar with the Colour Monster, you can use this lesson plan first.


Make this part as interactive as possible. Always note change of colour in the monster. Ask questions on school: "what is school?" "what do you need at school?" "what's in the classroom?". Note down differences with what you have in the story.


After telling/reading, ask questions like "who is the protagonist?", "where is he?", "how does he feel at the beginning?" and "how does he feel at the end?"


- Ask pupils to divide the page in six boxes

- Pupils fill the boxes drawing pictures of themselves doing different activities, on the first day of school

- Ensure they choose the right colour for themselves to describe how they felt in each moment of the day


Ask your students to evaluate the story:

- what was the best part of the story?

- what part of the story did you not like?

Try this in class and let us know how it goes!

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