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Lesson plan: What Pet Should I Get by Dr.Seuss

Level: A1

Students: primary school

Topic: pets

Transversal skills: critical thinking, decision making

Materials required: story book, note books, stationery

Trinity College London exam: GESE 2

Before reading:

- review vocabulary relating to pets

- introduce and explore "pet shop" concept

- explain this is a story about making a difficult decision, talk about difficult decisions your students have had to make


- we believe it is always better to tell a story, rather than reading it. However, you can use the book as a story canvas and tell students what is happening in each page

- observe and discuss story characters

- ask questions about the strange pets that appear in the story

- play with the repetition "make up your mind"

After reading: check understanding

- discuss protagonists, where are they, what are they doing, what pets appear in the story

Apply to a different context:

- ask students to imagine they are getting a pet

- draw a chart with pros/cons of getting each pet that appears in the story

- take a class vote on what pet it would be best. Create a diagram with the results


- discuss which is the best pet

- guess what pet the protagonists got and why

This is a great lesson plan to explore the decision-making process which could help your students decide what's best for them in future. Let us know how it goes!

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