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So, is LEGO a teaching tool?

We think so! Over the years we've found that LEGO bricks are a fantastic tool to support our teaching method and, in particular, with storytelling. LEGO is extremely versatile and it is also great to add some action to online lessons.

Here are our three reasons why we use LEGO in class:

  1. LEGO offer the opportunity to refine XXI century skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity.

  2. They allow younger students to express themselves and showcase their strengths, even if they cannot write yet.

Riccardo's LEGO house

3. LEGO help students to develop fine motor skills.

Emma's LEGO house

Caterina's LEGO house

At Chatterbox we use LEGO to create or re-tell stories, learn new vocabulary and support CLIL projects. That's how we are able to transform the language class in an engaging, motivating and entertaining experience.

Do you use LEGO in your class? Let us know what you think!


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