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Storytelling lesson plan: "The story of the little mole who knew it was none of his business" by Werner Holzwarth

A fun and irreverent story which will make your class shriek in disgust but also participate in the lesson like they have never done before.

Students: primary school (early years)

Level: A1

Topic: farm animals

Start off by showing children the book cover, introduce the character and ask students to tell you what it has got on his head. Good answers could be hair or a hat, but you will also find that some students will mention poop straightaway.

Explain that "poop" is referred to as "business" in the book, hence the title.

Read the story. Play on the repetitions: "Hey! Did you do this on my head?" and "Me? Nooo". Focus on the different types of farm animals the mole meets during his search for the culprit.

After reading, check that students understood the story by asking questions such as:

  • what is the problem?

  • does the mole find a solution?

  • can you name some of the animals that appear in the story?

Ask students to evaluate the story by telling you which character they liked most or what was the best moment in the story.

You can now move to table time and hand students one of the worksheet included in the original activity pack.

Have fun and let us know how it goes!


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